SAPER newbie guide

How to setup your first project


SAPER Software is not as intuitive as it might look at first. Follow these easy steps to get you started within a few minutes.


What do you need to get started

  1. SAPE.RU account
  2. Fund your account if you want to buy links directly from SAPER


Step by Step SAPER GUIDE


1. How to update SAPER

When you start SAPER, the program checks if there is a new version available. In case we have released a new version,

New version released? The newer zip will be downloaded

New version released? The newer zip will be downloaded


Once the files have been extracted, we need to replace all the files into the folder where saper was installed. Make sure you have a backup of these two files:

  • License:  do not forget to copy the license.lic file into the new folder.
  • Accounts: If you have a few accounts saved, copy the old file within accounts folder to the new version of SAPER.

Now, when we open SAPER again, you will see the new version ready to work.


2.  Your very first project in SAPER

Once you key in your credentials, you should see a page like this one



You will see a list of projects. Checking any of them or using the First time setup, we will see the project page


3. As you start saper for the first time, you need to create your first project 



4. Name/URL of your new project. Just fill out the 4 fields and the snippets where the links will be placed.

ADD the project to SAPER.


Now you will be prompted to exit saper and login again, so you can see the project you have just created.


5. Manage a project




6. Check the project is the correct and generate a unique Link_ID


saper6 saper7


7. Project added to SEARCH Tool

Now we need to navigate to the second tab: SEARCH FOR LINKS


  1. Choose only links from webs with Page Rank (from-to)
  2. SAPE Rank – you will get a hand on this after a few searches. At the beginning, i would leave it open
  3. No more than XX links on the page. The less outlinks the better. I start with 60 and lower it later
  4. Links from url type
    1. Level 1 Homepage
    2. Post page
    3. Inner page level 3
  5. Test to post : This will import the snippets you created in step 6
  6. Select your price range
  7. Fire the search and wait…time to work on something may takes few minutes to gather hundreds of links

If your selection of links is not too tight, we will reach 5000 links and saper will stop crawling


8. View Links and Check metrics

In the next tab, 3.View/Buy Links, we can check the url where we can purchase links from.



Select the domains that look interesting to your project and select a LINK ANALYSIS



Metrics from the urls selected

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority from the page where the link will be placed
  • Citation Flow (Majestic)
  • Trust Flow (Majestic)
  • Page Rank
  • SR number of outgoing links from that page
  • SAPER score

If you have funds in your sape account, you can buy links directly.


Note: This is a very first beginner guide for the first setup. As you get confident using saper, you will have a real idea how to look for the best links. Every project or client, need a specific set of links, and sape links are dangerous as well as powerful links. Use it with caution.

I will be publishing an advanced SAPER guide within a few weeks.

Get in touch on skype (jose3d16) if you need to discuss technical issue, ideas for improvement, or you have any other suggestion. We will love to hear from you.